Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Portland Life

Upon realizing that I had left our Ergo carrier at the midwives', I hopped on the bike with Jasper and pedaled up the neighborhood greenway to pick it up.  From there, it was only a few blocks to Voodoo Donuts, so we made a snack run for donuts & milk.  Then we pedaled back toward home, stopping to buy fair-trade, organic cotton sheets from our locally-owned homegoods store to fit our new locally-built bed and locally-fabricated mattress, to be delivered by bike tomorrow afternoon.

Aaah, Portland life.  Today, living the dream... or perhaps, the cliche?  Still, loving it.

But beware Portlanditis, gentle readers.  I can't be held responsible should you be ground into hipster chum-- the secret, of course, to delicious northwest salmon.


Travis A. Wittwer said...

Sounds like a yummy ride. Can you have your husband send me, or Joel (Splendid Cycles), a photo of the bandsaw on the trailer he took during your bike move? Thanks.

sara said...

Wonderful. But, of course, what caught my attention-- even more than the donuts and the mattress to be delivered by bike-- is midwives... Does this mean what I think it may mean? (Ignore me if I'm being nosy & rude.)

And yes, I STILL owe you t-shirts. What size is J these days/

melanthius said...

@Travis: I just put the one I took on my phone up on Flickr and tagged you, should be easy to spot. What a haul, you were a rockstar that day!

@Sara: J's doing fine in 2T shirts these days.