Friday, March 8, 2013

Moving Forward

I am so glad that I wrote the previous post; without it, I would not be able to share with you all how much better things have gotten.

The kids sleep. Jasper dresses himself. The magazine is humming along-- finances remain tight (subscribe!) but our procedures and relationships are more and more streamlined.

We are on the bike more, though have also been relying on transit for many of our adventures. And we have settled into a nice routine: Wednesdays we go to the Central Library and stay downtown all day, Thursdays are for music lessons and the park, Fridays we pedal up to NoPo to see our friends up there.

It's great.

So, I'm shaking it all up.

Change is inevitable, and one thing that has become very clear is that Jasper is more-than-ready for preschool, our pleasant routine notwithstanding. Heck, Kes's favorite story is about "my first day of school." And me? I'm ready for a full-time job.

I never intended to be home with the kids long-term, though it was fortunate that our circumstances allowed me to stay home through their baby-dom. But Kestrel is less and less a baby every day: she is weaned and working on potty training. She says all sorts of startling things. She runs, and is working on jumping. She's a full-fledged toddler.

What's next?

The kids are enrolled at a Montessori School on the west side with a start date between mid-April and early-May. I am applying for jobs like a madwoman, with a focus on positions in Project Management, Corporate Communications, or High-Level Administrative work.

If the fates are on my side, by fall you will be hearing about the travails of dual-career car-free parents.

Am I open to getting a car if my dream job demands it? Of course. But I would love to find a way to go on as we are: cheerfully multi-modal, and car- (and insurance- and gas- and maintenance-) payment free.