Friday, May 6, 2011

Oh, Yeah...

Sharp-eyed Sara noticed the elephant in the last post-- I haven't blogged yet that I'm pregnant!  Of course, it's pretty hard to hide if you are actually anywhere near me... I'm well into the third trimester.  Baby's due July 4.

In other major news... we bought a house, and moved into it by bike.  I'll write about how our wonderful community came out to schlep our stuff soon(ish), but until then, check out Andy's post & pictures over on the Civia Cycles blog.

It's been a busy year so far here at chez Civilized Conveyance.  Life will resume it's regularly scheduled order... eventually.  Hell, who am I kidding.  We may never see normal again.  Thanks for hanging around while we figure things out.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Portland Life

Upon realizing that I had left our Ergo carrier at the midwives', I hopped on the bike with Jasper and pedaled up the neighborhood greenway to pick it up.  From there, it was only a few blocks to Voodoo Donuts, so we made a snack run for donuts & milk.  Then we pedaled back toward home, stopping to buy fair-trade, organic cotton sheets from our locally-owned homegoods store to fit our new locally-built bed and locally-fabricated mattress, to be delivered by bike tomorrow afternoon.

Aaah, Portland life.  Today, living the dream... or perhaps, the cliche?  Still, loving it.

But beware Portlanditis, gentle readers.  I can't be held responsible should you be ground into hipster chum-- the secret, of course, to delicious northwest salmon.