Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Faces of Baby on a Bike

Jasper got his first bike ride on Sunday night. We headed to a restaurant about a mile and a half away, an easy little test ride in case anything went wrong.

Here's me on the bike:

There are three red flashies on the rear there, but obviously they aren't enough to properly illuminate this monster. More running lights on the boxes, in particular, are required, along with some well-applied reflective tape.

The headlight behind me is Dave's parked Brompton. The rack at the restaurant looked a bit odd, with our biggest bike snuggled up next to our smallest.

Jasper didn't like getting strapped into the harness, but was quiet within a few blocks. By the time we got to dinner, he was sound asleep.

The bike had a different effect coming home, though. He seems to have had a great time, because when we opened the rain cover in the garage, he was wide awake and grinning!

So, here are the faces of the baby on the bike, immediately post-ride:
P1010625.JPG P1010623.JPG
P1010626.JPG P1010624.JPG


Julian said...


How about dual-tube red Down Low Glow across the backside of the boxes?

Kathleen McDade said...

Too cute!

Yeah, I'm thinking after a recent accident that I need some kind of lights and/or reflectors along the side of my Xtracycle. The black rear-end isn't very visible from the side.

Sox said...

Born to bike. What a happy looking little boy!

admin said...

You guys are so f$cking hardcore.

Damian said...

Hah, that's wonderful. Brefos Module? Born to Bike is pretty good.

Joe said...

Can I just say how much respect I have for you guys, bike-wise? 'Cause there's tons of it. Even with an infant (an infant!) you're biking. That's hardcore.

Matt in Tacoma said...

Success! I'm a huge fan of reflective anything for night riding, especially with kids. Though if we biked more at night, we'd own at least one Down Low Glow kit.

MamaVee said...


shetha said...

Coventry cycle at 20th/Hawthorne has a slew of "bike glow" 10' glowing lights. And I heard from them that citybikes @ 8th & Ankeny keeps the reflective adhesive material by the roll. Good for being seen at night!