Monday, November 15, 2010

Kidical Mass!!

I've been spamming the heck out of local bikey and mama media for two months, but forgot to blog it: Civilized Conveyance is now bringing you Portland's Kidical Mass!!

Basically, it went down like this: I was sitting around lamenting the end of Sunday Parkways season, and more generally, feeling that there needed to be more opportunities for bikey families to get out and about, sniff each others' rigs, collectivize traffic riding skills and watchful eyes for little ones on their own bikes, and just plain have fun together.

And I was jealous of the Kidical Masses going down in Eugene, Seattle, and elsewhere.  So I sent out some emails trying to figure out what had happened to Portland's Kidical Mass, and the general consensus was: it just petered out.  And it didn't look like I'd be stepping on any toes by picking up the torch.  So I did!

Our first ride was in October, and was zombie-themed.  We gathered on the South Park Blocks just as the rain started to fall, and pedaled our way up to Pioneer Square through the drizzle.  Pioneer Square was filled with zombies mustering for the annual Zombie Walk, so there were lots of interesting (and sort of scary!) people to watch while we waited for the main event: hundreds of zombies simultaneously dancing to Michael Jackson's Thriller.

After the dancing, we headed back to the bikes to loop back to our starting point.  But on our way there, we were stopped by the zombie walk-- and the zombies took pictures of us!!  When the stream of undead paused, we rolled on through and moseyed back to the park for lollipops and chatting.

Thanks to Jonathan at BikePortland for the great pictures!

This coming weekend, we'll ride again: This month, it's the Tour de Pie!  We'll meet at Ladd's Circle Park at 2:45 pm, rolling out at 3 to explore some places for pumpkin pie, pizza pie, and fried pie here in SE Portland.  And here's the best part: HotLips is donating free pizza for the kids!  This route is about three miles, and has one big climb (can't really avoid it in this part of town, but we'll go slow).  We'll ride rain or shine, but maybe a little less far if it's pouring.  We'll stop as a group for stop signs and stop lights, and will always regroup if we get separated.  We'll keep a pace that accommodates our littlest riders.  And we'd love to see you out there.


e said...

Go you!

Were any kids scared of the zombies? :-)

I see Jasper has moved up to the front now - is that a Bobike Mini? We are still thinking about what to get for Z..

inkandpen said...

Jasper's in a Yepp seat-- post forthcoming. I've still got the seat in the back for when we need to travel during naptime, because he tends to flop and wake himself up when he's sleeping in front, even with the nap pillow.