Friday, September 10, 2010

Jasper's Yuba Walk-Around

Often, this summer, we've gotten home from an outing where Jasper wore himself out, and fell asleep on the way home. These are moments where I am so grateful not to have to tend a baby in a car, or try to sneak the seat out and into the house; instead, I pull the bike into the shade of our fruit-laden fig tree, grab a novel, a glass of water, a snack, and enjoy the end of of the bike-nap in peace. Bliss.

Last week, when Jaz woke up from such a nap, he was squirmy right away-- so I set him down behind the bike to do some investigating. After more than seven months spent inside the baby bike, he's finally mobile enough to inspect it on the outside.

I think he approved.

Jasper's Yuba Walk-Around

Jasper's Yuba Walk-Around

Jasper's Yuba Walk-Around

Jasper's Yuba Walk-Around

Jasper's Yuba Walk-Around

Jasper's Yuba Walk-Around

And if THAT didn't get you your baby fix, there's lots more on Flickr.


Andy in Germany said...

Ah, for chubby inquisitive hands and big questioning eyes. Our youngest is -just- leaving that stage and I miss it some days.

And as a side thought: isn't it great that wee ones can investigate a bike and pull things and have fun safely? We could never let them do that with a car.

Richard said...

Just wait 'til he starts teething. ;)

inkandpen said...

Oh, he's teething. Don't you see those cute little toofies in the third photo down? Hard, won, I tell you, as are the ones coming in right-this-very-minute. But he's cute, so we get through it.

MamaVee said...

oh he is so big and squishy and cute!!!

sara said...

J is one totally squeezable-looking fella.

the_big_smile said...

He is really cute!

I like the picture before the last one most.

Today it's hard for him stand on his legs...
Tomorrow he will want to ride your bike... ;-)

Enjoy the time watching your little boy grow up! You will never see that a second time again!

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