Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Last Leg Was Made By Bike

Yesterday was a massively multi-modal day. Jasper and I had been in California for a week with my folks and were doing our first solo-travel on the trip home. We started the day with a walk to visit my kindergarten teacher (she was suitably impressed) and my mom's third graders. Then, after a flurry of packing and napping, we got in the car with my mom to drive to the airport.

We had a rocky start to the flight, as Jasper wanted to stand up during taxi and takeoff, but once the seatbelt sign was off I had him strapped into the baby carrier and, after some pacing and bouncing in the aisle, asleep. He woke up just as we landed.

Off the plane I threw backpack and messenger bag on my back, baby still on my front, carseat strapped to wheelie bag, and we headed for the train. On the train we chatted with visiting (only slightly lost) tourists and a homeless man enjoying the good weather. We hopped off at Lloyd Center, and before long Dave pulled up on the Yuba with the Brompton thrown in as cargo. The Brompton came out, the luggage got strapped down, Jasper got buckled in, and we rolled home, Portland style. It's really good to be home.

Home from the Airport by Yuba

Home from the Airport by Yuba

Home from the Airport by Yuba


Mark Stosberg said...

Inspiring family transportation story.

Julian said...

I didn't know you guys had a Brompton too! Jasper is way cute in that last shot ...

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