Friday, June 25, 2010

So Much Bike Fun

I'm sitting here watching Jasper play his new game: knocking toys across the floor and then wiggling his newly-mobile-but-not-quite-crawling self on after them. We're spending lots of time on crawling these days... and lots of time on the bike.

Pedalpalooza has been a blast so far: we went on the Kick-off Ride where we met a dad called Jasper who pedals his baby in a locally-made box bike, visited the grand opening party for Splendid Cycles and checked out some slick cargo bikes there, competed in the Fiets of Parenthood, led a handful of families on the Teddy Bears' Picnic Ride, did half of the Labyrinth Ride (called on account of my and Jaz's bad moods), pedaled around SE Portland learning about solar power options on the SE Solar Tour, pursued the perfect pie late into the night on the Epic Pizza Ride, and this morning went out for waffles and silliness on the Pajama Party Ride. Still to come: leading a group ride for our CSA's farm tours tomorrow, and on Sunday brunch with some friends followed by Sunday Parkways followed by the Multnomah County Bike Fair. Followed by sound slumber.

And how's Jasper handling all this bike fun? With the exception of the Labyrinth Ride, on which factors converged against us, he's been a really happy camper. He loves people, and attention, and he gets plenty of both on these rides, where kids are scarce and his rig is strange and remarkable. Facing backwards, he gets to stare at the people who ride behind us, who are usually obliging in making silly faces to entertain him. And he's made a new friend in Sarah's son Everett, who watched kept him entertained at the Fiets and pushed him in a swing on the Teddy Bear ride. Sometimes he just stares up at the trees as we ride. Unlike in his stationary life, when he gets tired on the bike he simply falls asleep (ok, sometimes there is crying between awake and asleep, but not much). And once asleep, he stays that way, sometimes for hours and hours. And then wakes up, cheerful and ready to play. A quick nurse, an on-board diaper change, and we're good for a few more hours of riding. The biggest problem is that these rides sometimes take a faster pace than we do in our everyday riding, and when the pavement is bad that can lead to a bumpier ride than he's used to. And that can result in some fussing and crying until the road smooths out again.

I've taken very few pictures, though there's lots of coverage over at BikePortland's Pedalpalooza page. Check our Flickr stream for shots from the Fiets of Parenthood and the Teddy Bear's Picnic. Featured are fellow bikey-parent bloggers Julian from Totcycle and Sarah Gilbert from cafe mama-- or rather, mostly, those bloggers' fabulous kids.


Julian said...

Loved the part of the teddy bear ride that we were able to make ... thanks for the PB&Js and delicious shortcake! Jasper in the Yuba sounds like Luc in the MADSEN last fall ... happy to be there, and sleepariffic.

Angela Gail said...

I'm so jealous -- it sounds like you guys are all having loads of fun out there!!

Hobbes vs Boyle said...

Oh you Portlanders with all your rides! Sounds like lots of fun, maybe even more fun than riding around Tompkins County ;-) It was good seeing you in Cali!

sara said...

Loved seeing all the photos from these events. Would have loved it even more if we could have been there...

Wanted to let you know that we just went ahead & purchased a Yuba. Keeping the Xtra Radish but time to sell the bakfiets :( Very sad about that but my older fellows turn 8 this summer and they are definitely growing out of the box. I think the Yuba will allow us to continue our bike adventures.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Civil,
You have a great blog. I really enjoy reading about your biking lifestyle and it inspires me to bike even more.
Lynne in MD