Sunday, February 7, 2010

Busy Bikey Life

We've had the baby bike up and running for three weeks, and I think I've put about 80 miles on it, maybe a bit more. We've been out every day, sometimes just heading to adjacent neighborhoods, but often going all the way to north Portland for visits, or down to Sellwood to see Jasper's pediatrician, or all over town on last weekend's Tweed Ride. Jasper's naps happen most easily on the bike or in the wrap, and so I find myself out at least once a day, on foot or in the saddle, making laps of the neighborhood trying to get the boy some sleep. It's been awesome for my waistline, exhausting for my muscles, and dreadful for my writing habit. But man, are we having fun.


Judy said...

The bike is sure making life better, yes? I am pleased for your waistline and your muscles. And, more important, your "can-do-ness" is getting lots of play!
Love, Judemom

Sox said...

Fun is what it is all about!

Kori said...

You are hot.

that is all.


well, that's not "all" per say but, I mean, you are going out and being adventurous and braving the rain and weather and traffic and achy muscles and having fun and making this your very own and very fun and very fitting life. so yeah... you are totally awesome.

and hot.

sara said...

Getting out every day, no matter what= BEST parenting move I learned early on. Good for my boys. Good for me.

Good for you!

MamaVee said...