Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Seasons Bike Rack, 24 August 2009

When we rolled up to New Seasons for groceries yesterday, we found ourselves in excellent company. To the Mundo's right, a well-loved, well-battered xtracycle. And to its right, a tiny Skuut! The Skuut was not locked, just leaned, along with its rider's tiny helmet. Overwhelmingly cute. Observe, the close-up:

Tiny Grocery Getter

My question: how will this intrepid skuuter get home his or her groceries without better cargo capacity? Has the time come for the cargo push-bike?


Jim said...

Beyond cooool....

Get them addicted early thats what I say !

J9 said...

Oh, goodness. I must have skuuter.

sara said...

Good shot! My little guy loves his push bike (run bike). We went for a Smart Gear one, cheaper than a skuut but still well made.

bob k. said...


okay it's not a kick bike
but it's pretty damned cute